Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pier On Mobile Bay In Fairhope

On Eastern Shore
Felt Pen On Rice Paper
This painting is copyrighted and cannot be copied or reproduced without the permission of the artist
I love to sketch with a felt pen on rice the flow of the pen..the ink sinking into the paper..with basically no control..Just something I've been working on lately..I'm working on an opaque watercolor of this drawing..My family owned some waterfront property from the 50's up to the late 1990's..We would go there during the spring thru the fall..sailing sunfishes..swimming and just lazing around..How I really enjoyed it and miss it..we would take the scenic route along the bay back and forth to Mobile..I always loved the drive along this route to the Fairhope Pier..The pier I sketched is down from the Fairhope pier..I love the pines that rise from the bluff..and framing this tiny little pier..

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