Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Cattle Skull"
Opaque Watercolor/Color Pencil
This painting is copyrighted and it cannot be reproduced without the permission of the artist
This is a painting of a cattle skull done mostly in monotone but I added a white color pencil..which I mainly shaded around the skull..this is a skull that was given to me by an friend, Joe Bond..we met at Ringling and for close to 25 years we were friends...but friendships change and it has been awhile since I've seen him or heard from him..he now lives in New Mexico..I went to spend some time with him about 10 years ago and he showed me Albuquergue, Santa Fe and Taos..I fell in love with Taos..I believe that I was at one time a chinese woman who lived in the southwest before the turn of the 20th was mainly what I collected for a long time..chinese lacquar, turn of the century oak furniture and western items..I always knew that my path led to New Mexico..and I loved it..the wide open vistas and you could see the sky..the only thing I didn't like was it was not near an ocean..I don't know if I could live there..but where ever my path leads me I will follow...Joe had a favorite uncle who he was named after..they had a very close relationship..I believe he was affected by his uncle's death..Joe would have really vivid dreams where Uncle Joe would tell him to get up and go outside to look at his roof..but Joe would never do it..He didn't want to go see..ha..
"Deco Dee"
Opaque Watercolor
This painting is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced with the permission of the artist

DB is a local artist friend of mine..she is so neat with an offbeat sense of humor..she likes to laugh..we met about 20 years ago at Nolen-Schmidt's Gallery where she was working at the time..I was taking an etching class from Nolen..we hit it off..I did this painting of her using her initials as the background design..DB has just had her hair colored eggplant..a rich deep black/purple which I thought was really great looking..DB just has a distinctive style..a great artist too..she did the Mardi Gras Murals at Admiral Semmes in their dining room..if you haven't seen them..and you live in will see just how talented she is..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"High & Dry"
Opaque Watercolor
This painting is copyrighted and it cannot be reproduced without the permission of the artist

This a vintage Chris Craft which landed on the beach after Hurricane Frederic back in 1979..The bridge to Dauphin Island had been blown away and the only way you could get to the island was to take a were not allow if you weren't a my mom, Myrt and I took our bikes..we rode around Dauphin was almost back to its original state..because all the vacation homes and most of the businesses were gone..I believe that it ought to be saved as a National Seashore and not a vacation destination..or even residential..There is a confederate fort on the east end "Ft. Gaines." It has been sometime since I ve been to the island..The strip of land behind the boat is "Little Dauphin Island." I no longer have this painting as I was participating in an Fine Arts & Crafts show where I won Best Of Show and the a company sponsored a large amount of money for the award and they recieved this painting..
"On The Bayou"
Blace Felt Pen On Rice Paper
This drawing has been copyright and it cannot be reproduced without the permission of the artist
This scene was in Bayou La Batre, Alabama. At that time it was a small fishing village...way out in the boonies..lots of shrimp boats and seafood processing plants..but some really beautiful scenery..I haven't been there for awhile..this scene was on a bayou river that flowed out to the gulf..a huge beautiful oak overlooking the water with oyster boats in the background..I have done some paintings of this area and Dauphin Island which is a beautiful barrier island..This was done in black felt pen on rice paper..I just like the flow of the ink on that paper..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Meli Poo...

"Something Pink, Something Blue"
Opaque Watercolor
This painting is copyrighted and cannot be copied or reproduced without the permission of the artist
This is my friend, Melanie, who would pose for me in Sarasota..we still stay in touch. She was studying Interior Design at Ringling..we were roommates at one time too...We had this obsession with flamingos at the I incorporated the birds with this was the beginning of the background repeating designs that I would incorporate into a lot of my portrait paintings..she has this really great sense of humor and she can zing you..ha!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Did You Know I'm In The..

worm business..ha.. here's my blog's a job...ha. what can I's my jewish/scottish to make a buck and too many irons in the fire..ha

The Good, Old Days...

This was me in Sarasota, Florida in 1977..I was 24 or 25..I am holding on to my beloved dog, Karma..she was a great dog.. & she went everywhere with fact she use to go to class with me at Ringling and on the landscape "F"art bus..behind me was a building on Hwy 41in 1977,..(that building is still there) fact it was one of the few buildings I recognized when I went back this past year..I am on Ringling School Of Art property..In December 2008 I went back to see it and Ringling..It had changed so much..not the funky, cool little town its catering to the rich & filthy rich..ha..I barely recognized Ringling..They are building more buildings..and it looked so small..its been since 1981 since I was last there..I loved Sarasota..I should have never stayed away so long..

You Can See More Of My Work..

at just type in my name Sharon Lyn Jones..It's an invite only internet artist community..You can also see my art at Mobile Arts Council internet site..under the artist directory..I will be posting later..Thanks for stopping by..

Some Of My favorites..That I Have Pictures Of..Ha.

Opaque Watercolor
This painting is copyrighted and Cannot be Reproduced or Copied Without My Permission!
My dear, sweet Jewish paternal grandmother who I idolized..I loved her so much..she died when I was 8..but it took me years to talk about her without dad would tell me stories about how she was so hardworking, smart, kind and generous..he said I was alot like her..
Dad told me that she went to Julliard's in New York City to study Opera.. he said that he never heard her sing..she married a gentile at the time and got kicked out of her family..then Chubby and John Henry (my grandfather who died before I was born) came down the Alabama River on a flatboat that he built..building furniture along the way..Chubby would dip the furniture pieces into paint..till they came to Mobile where he worked as a local building contractor..He died when Dad was around 12 or 13..Dad told me about Chubby's father, my great grandfather, was a Russian Orthodox Jew who emigrated from Russia to the United States..he pushed a cart selling goods out of it..then he came to Prattsville, Al (Why, I don't know), he married a wealthy Jewish woman..they opened a general store and had the first picture theatre (silent films) in Prattsville where Chubby would play the piano..
Over the years that I exhibited this painting during Fine Arts and Craft shows.. I had Chubby's leather coin purse that she carried everywhere..I would show the people who wandered into my display and tell them that Chubby had her hand in her pocket because she was holding on to her money..they would laugh but I am proud of what Jewish heritage that I do have.
I have had people inquiring about the possible sale of this painting but I will never part with it.

I Am A Sometime Artist..But

I remember drawing with my mom at 2 1/2 years old. She would draw a picture and I would trace it on the back..I also freehanded a picture of my dad complete with glasses and eyelashes. At 5 I knew that I wanted to be an artist. I had a crayon drawing of a red bird on the wall during a parent get together with the teacher. I remember that I loved getting all the attention..ha..I knew then it was all I wanted to do

My parents, Bubba and Myrt, supported me in my art but wanted me to have something to fall back on in case I couldn't make a living...they were great parents just wanted to protect me..So when I started college, my major was Physical Education..I hated it..ha..even my counselor thought I needed to rethink my major..I guess failing the Red Cross class was an was mainly because I never showed up for class. I majored in Graphic Design and Illustration...I loved it...but I really was not very happy in a college I decided to explore other avenues..

I sent my transcript to Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida..I was accepted..I took a bus down there and I never looked back..I had found my niche.. There were others like me..ha..spacey and wanting to do art all the time. I finally belonged..At that time Ringling was a three year art school..I graduated with a certificate in Graphic Design & Illustration.

I came back home to Mobile and for the next 3 years i struggled to find an art job..I would get great compliments on my portifolio, but no one would hire me..I did different types of art jobs that didn't require alot of graphic working on Mardi Gras Floats, silk-screening and whatever..I just finally gave up on graphic design work..It was just too frustrating to find a job and I realized I rather be doing Fine Arts..

On entering a local art show I won Best Of I was getting somewhere..from then on about every show that I entered I would win some type of award..It was fun..During that period of time I was really gungho..I participated in woman shows, fine arts and craft shows, museum shows, gallery shows....Then I became President of The Mobile Art Association during the 80's. I have done publicity for several art organizations and even chaired an outdoor fine arts and craft show..I joined the local Art Co-op..I have done interviews in some papers and magazines...locally and nationally. My paintings are in collections...

My paintings were of a personal testament on how I felt about the world around painting was mainly opaque watercolors or gouache..I used canson pastel paper where I would just do a line drawing which was careful thought out..I would then paint little dots and crosshatchings of color..building up depth into my paintings..they looked like pastels or silk-screenings..I would put alot of time into my work..I guess it showed that I had, dot, dot, crosshatch, crosshatch, crosshatch..ha..where it came from I have no idea..I did portraits of people I knew and regional a impressionistic/realistic way..before I quit painting I started to incorporate color pencils & gold leaf into my paintings..Some of my paintings are almost 30 years old and are still very vibrate..I painted like this for close to 20 years..until..

My dad, John Henry Jones, affectionately known as "Bubba" passed away on February 5, took the wind out of my sail..My closest friend and parent..the one person who got me..and I could relate to was gone..I just couldn't get interested in painting...or doing any type of artwork..or even being part of the artist community..I wasn't interested in doing anything for a long time..

Now in 2009 I am beginning again..the opaques were great but I want to create something different..I have been playing with polymer clays..doing some reliefs where I might incorporate them into some sort of painting..maybe even designing the frame too..I've become more interested in sculptural ideas..but with paintings..I am still working on it..Hopefully I plan on entering local shows soon..

I Was Tired Of The Way...

my old blog looked like..too dark and the pictures needed to be re-adjusted..not at all like me..I am well adjusted, bright and cheerful....and easily you can here I begin again..