Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some Of My favorites..That I Have Pictures Of..Ha.

Opaque Watercolor
This painting is copyrighted and Cannot be Reproduced or Copied Without My Permission!
My dear, sweet Jewish paternal grandmother who I idolized..I loved her so much..she died when I was 8..but it took me years to talk about her without dad would tell me stories about how she was so hardworking, smart, kind and generous..he said I was alot like her..
Dad told me that she went to Julliard's in New York City to study Opera.. he said that he never heard her sing..she married a gentile at the time and got kicked out of her family..then Chubby and John Henry (my grandfather who died before I was born) came down the Alabama River on a flatboat that he built..building furniture along the way..Chubby would dip the furniture pieces into paint..till they came to Mobile where he worked as a local building contractor..He died when Dad was around 12 or 13..Dad told me about Chubby's father, my great grandfather, was a Russian Orthodox Jew who emigrated from Russia to the United States..he pushed a cart selling goods out of it..then he came to Prattsville, Al (Why, I don't know), he married a wealthy Jewish woman..they opened a general store and had the first picture theatre (silent films) in Prattsville where Chubby would play the piano..
Over the years that I exhibited this painting during Fine Arts and Craft shows.. I had Chubby's leather coin purse that she carried everywhere..I would show the people who wandered into my display and tell them that Chubby had her hand in her pocket because she was holding on to her money..they would laugh but I am proud of what Jewish heritage that I do have.
I have had people inquiring about the possible sale of this painting but I will never part with it.

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