Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Cattle Skull"
Opaque Watercolor/Color Pencil
This painting is copyrighted and it cannot be reproduced without the permission of the artist
This is a painting of a cattle skull done mostly in monotone but I added a white color pencil..which I mainly shaded around the skull..this is a skull that was given to me by an friend, Joe Bond..we met at Ringling and for close to 25 years we were friends...but friendships change and it has been awhile since I've seen him or heard from him..he now lives in New Mexico..I went to spend some time with him about 10 years ago and he showed me Albuquergue, Santa Fe and Taos..I fell in love with Taos..I believe that I was at one time a chinese woman who lived in the southwest before the turn of the 20th was mainly what I collected for a long time..chinese lacquar, turn of the century oak furniture and western items..I always knew that my path led to New Mexico..and I loved it..the wide open vistas and you could see the sky..the only thing I didn't like was it was not near an ocean..I don't know if I could live there..but where ever my path leads me I will follow...Joe had a favorite uncle who he was named after..they had a very close relationship..I believe he was affected by his uncle's death..Joe would have really vivid dreams where Uncle Joe would tell him to get up and go outside to look at his roof..but Joe would never do it..He didn't want to go see..ha..

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Jami Buck said...

Beautiful, Sharon!!